Susan F. Greaves

Art combines the best of what is
in the mind and in the soul.
The mind must be trained and ready
for when the soul speaks.
____Susan F. Greaves

Susan F. Greaves is a Louisiana native and believes her earliest art influence was the graceful and classic architecture favored there. After receiving her bachelor of arts degree from Louisiana State University in interior design, she worked in New Orleans and then moved to Florida, Maine, Bermuda, Sicily, and Washington state as her husband served as a Navy flight surgeon and trained in pathology.

Meanwhile, she painted occasionally and took every history of art course available to her. She returned to painting in Seattle under the instruction of William F. Reese in 1976. His unwavering dedication to the foundational concepts of painting and to integrity set the direction and standard for her subsequent work. After moving to Redding, California, in 1977, she studied with the acclaimed Sergei Bongart in Idaho and Los Angeles as a scholarship student. Through him, the influence of the Russian Impressionists is evident in her work.

Greaves' work is described as "a fine example of strong, painterly style". Her paintings are noted for their light and color. She uses classical methods of careful observation and direct execution to portray subjects ranging from florals and still life to landscapes and figures.

In addition, her life-long fascination with horses has found expression in equine subjects and earned a Best of Show award at the Kentucky Derby Museum. Ranching scenes, horse shows and eventing, in addition to the memorable views of her adopted landscape and frequent travels, provide constant visual stimulation. Her works have received over 50 awards and she is an elected member of Knickerbocker Artists.

Susan F. Greaves
15742 Middletown Park
Redding, CA 96001

Medium: Oil
Format (subjects): landscape, floral, portraits, equine

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A sample of Mrs. Greaves' work, all in oil, appears below. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Cool Day Near Cambria

Embankment in  Bloom

Farm Barn

Hydrangeas Near the Window
Lilacs Plein Air

Snow and Thaw
The Awakening

Variations on a Theme 2
Variations on a Theme 4

View Above the Lake

Waves and Foam

Wisteria Cascade

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