Ann Dettmer

"I guess the most important thing for me is to find the work intriguing and alive. I’m looking for passion and spirit painted with ‘skillful honesty’, for expression so real it almost falls off the edge - reality more than realism. Life is messy: it has depth and layers, balance, intrigue. Light and dark. Confusion and clarity. I don’t see much difference between life and art.

A painting takes on its own life early in the process. Everything flows through the sensuous, luscious oil and all I have to do is pay attention. As it evolves, the complexity and richness really start to happen - the push-and-pull, when I play with colors, values, shapes, edges, all in the context of the soul of the piece. It’s like an orchestra tuning up and finding that mutual path where each sound is distinctive yet works within the whole. I relish this process; it’s very addictive.

My work helps to teach me the interrelatedness of all things and to be open to the vastness of possibility. I’m always learning. The gratitude I feel is deep."

Highly respected by peers and savvy collectors nationwide, Dettmer lives and works high in the mountains of southwest Colorado. Her far reaching interests are demonstrated by a broad variety of subject matter. All of the work, however, maintains the strength, unique vision and underlying mystery which are her signature. She has been the subject of numerous articles and recipient of many awards. Her work is featured in Ann Templeton’s book Color and Beyond.


SmithKlein Gallery
Boulder, CO
Mary Martin Gallery of Fine Art
Charleston, SC
North Moon Gallery
Ouray, CO

Samples of Ms. Dettmer's work, all in oil, are shown below. Click on any photo to enlarge.

"Early Lunch"
12x24, Oil

"Bicycle Snow"
24x24, Oil

"Keith's Cows"
30x20, Oil

"Up on Last Dollar"
30x36, Oil

"Second and Main"
30x36, Oil

18x24, Oil

"Afternoon Quiet"
24x30, Oil

"Evening Moves Across the Land"
 12x36, Oil

"Iowa Winter"
19x19, Oil

"Blue Suede Night"
12x36, Oil

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