Pam Flanders

Alla Prima member Pam Flanders is a native Wisconsin painter now located in Portland, OR. Oils are her favorite medium and plein air her passion.  "Working on location allows me to relate to the scene that has inspired me which, in turn, results in a fresh, dynamic painting for others to enjoy.Ē

Pam grew up in rural Wisconsin and frequented the northern part of the state where lakes and forests rich in wildlife influenced her love of nature.  When others were using coloring books Pam was drawing the trees, birds, and animals around her.  However, realism in art was not in vogue in the 1970ís and Pam earned a BSN and worked in health care while raising her family. In 1991 Pam returned to her earlier dream of becoming an artist and pursued further art education.  Oil painting became her focus and she began taking workshops with professional artists whose work she admired. Years of traveling and painting on location sharpened Pamís skills.  The use of vibrant warm colors and strong values contributes to her bold expressionistic/realistic style. Pam attributes much of her artistic growth to the inspiration and encouragement of fellow API members.  

Pam now participates in national juried competitions and exhibitions and has received local and national awards. In addition to teaching and mentoring the beginner Pam participates in local art organizations and is a member of Oil Painters of America. Her works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections around the country.   To view a current resume and more of Pamís artwork visit:


Aurora Gallery
1004 Main St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 696-0449 

Indigo Gallery 2 South Main St Joseph, OR 97846 (541) 432 5202 


Flanders Field of Art
10643 SE 144th Loop
Happy Valley, OR 97236
(503) 762-7948

Samples of Ms. Flanders' work, all oils, appear below.

Can't Cut the Mustard
8 x 10

Changing Hues
24 x 30

Corn as High
11 x 14

Dance of Autumn
9 x 12

Fields of Color
12 x 24

Lake Michigan Breezes
12 x 24

Flight of the Season
24 x 30

Magic Carpet Pride
11 x 14

Patchwork of Ireland
9 x 12

The Joy of Soy
24 x 36

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