Peggy Kingsbury

A native Texan, Kingsbury's favorite subjects include still life, interiors, and plein air landscapes. While Kingsbury holds an associates degree in fine art, she credits two things as having the most influence on her art. The first is friends." I have a tremendous support group of friends, including API members. Painting on location and sharing ideas with them nourishes my creativity and enhances my technical ability. And, they whack me on the side of the head when I need it".

The second is workshops with amazing instructors. The most influential are Ann Templeton, Gay Faulkenberry, Quang Ho, Charles Movalli, Scott Burdick, Ted Goerschner, Kim English, Marlin Linville, and Ray Vinella. "Every one of these teachers was expert in his or her own art and in generously sharing that expertise."

"My goal is to continue growing spiritually and technically so I may interpret and illuminate what I see. An artist speaks from personal experiences, knowledge, and beliefs and rarely gets to see the finished piece. The work is completed by the viewer's own intelligence and emotions."


Brazier Studio
Richmond, VA
G. Stanton Gallery
3412 Rosedale
Dallas TX 75205
NanEtte Richardson Fine Art
San Antonio, TX
Snow Hill, Maryland
Riverbend Fine Art
Marble Falls, TX


Peggy Kingsbury

Samples of Ms. Kingsbury's work appear below. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Azaleas and Pears


Gold on Last Dollar Road

Japanese Garden Entry

Off to See the River

Provence Rain

Venice Cafe study

Venice Street

Venice Trio

White Petunias

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