Anne Laddon

Ms. Laddon has been a professional artist for 30 years. She began in a San Francisco ad agency as a graphic designer creating logos and brochures. In Alexandria, VA, she worked as a silkscreen printmaker at The Torpedo Factory Art Center. She soon opened her studio at the Art Center and from 1974-1984 created dozens of limited edition serigraphs, as well as a line of posters and greeting cards. Since 1984 she has been located in California, having a gallery in Cambria for several years. She is married and is raising two children. Her current exchibit at the San Luis Obispo Art Center includes over 30 oil paintings.

She has been passionate about color and design and that has carried into her more recent work. Since 1995 she has devoted herself to oils, recently having a major show of over 40 paintings. She lives in central California dividing her time between studios in the beach town of Cambria and a cattle ranch in Paso Robles.

"Laddon's paintings are of what she sees, on locating in both exotic and mundane locales. Whether painting a dramatic scene of a church in Mexico, or a simple bucket of colorful brooms, her treatment of color makes for extraordinary finished works. Anne Laddon will tell you that she doesn't have an imagination, that she just stands before a place and paints what she sees. If this is true, she is blessed with remarkable eyes, for she sees with an intensity that escapes most of us." Tim Anderson, Curator, San Luis Obispo Art Center


Anne Laddon
PO Box 2049
Paso Robles, CA 93447

Samples of Ms. Laddon's work, all done in oil, below. Click on photos to enlarge.

Blue Oak Confetti

Carol's Onions

Chama River Classic

Guadalupe Valley Vines

Jim's Four Heifers

On the Road to Hollister

Pecking Around

Road Out to Bradley

Road through Adelaide



Wade 'n' Rockert

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