Julia McKee

Honored as one of the fifty best landscape artists in the United Sates by Artist's Magazine in 1992, Julia McKee travels the vastness of the West in search of meaningful subjects for her plein air paintings. It is the land's endless beauty that inspires her vivid palette.

"When painting a landscape outdoors my goal is to capture the essence of the scene," says McKee. "Each location has a special 'language', an aura all its own. It is my hope to translate this 'language' so the viewer will experience that special aura when viewing my paintings."

Julia McKee
18344 Quail Meadow Drive
Claremore, OK 74017




Ms McKee's publisher:  www.peconicbayoriginals.com

Samples of Ms. McKee's work, done in oil, appear below. Click on any photo to enlarge.

A Day in May
18 X 24

Lilac Haven
18 X 24

Morning Glow
20 X 24

October II
18 X 24

Spring Thaw
14 X 18

Summer in High Country

The Summer Garden
14 X 18

Near Rock Gardens Inn
12 X 16

Red River, Winter
11 X 14

Ranchos Hollyhocks
11 X 14

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