Libby Tolley

"Libby Tolley's work harks back to the California plein air tradition. She has the ability to endow our favorite landscapes with heightened meaning: richly romantic, sumptuously painted, drenched with golden light." Bill Beeson, Art Critic, Focus Magazine

A fourth-generation Californian, painter Elizabeth "Libby" Tolley, O.P.A., N.W.S., A.P.I., records the disappearing rural landscapes of California's Central Coast. The award-winning artist brings these California scenes into the national spotlight, as her paintings have been selected for inclusion in art magazines, books, and national exhibits.

In addition to painting, jurying and teaching a few workshops each year, Libby Tolley is frequently asked to write about her work or her thoughts on art for national art magazines.

Libby Tolley works on location to capture the spirit of the land. This process of plein air painting is essential to her understanding of the land and its uniqueness. With the large paintings designed on location, and the small paintings for reference, she goes back to the studio to complete the work.

Ms. Tolley is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America, The National Watercolor Society, Alla Prima International and maintains a professional membership in American Artists Professional League.

Libby's studio and home is located in Los Osos, CA on the south-west end of the Morro Bay Estuary.

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Samples of Ms. Tolley's work, done in oil, appear below. Click on any photo to enlarge.

On a Winter's Morning
12 x 12

Eucalyptus in Morning Light, Los Osos
12 x 16

Eucalyptus in Golden Light
20 x 20

Stand by Me in Fire Light
20 x 20

After the Rain, My Brother's Barn
22 x 28

December's Magic, Back Bay
20 x 20

Nestled in the Sycamores
9 x 12

On a Spring Morning
18 x 14

October Morning, Karner Point
12 x 16

Early Winter Afternoon, Hwy 46
18 x 24

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